Dan Berger in grey jacket leaning against stone wall

Dan Berger

Associate Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington at Bothell. His research emphasizes critical race theory, social movements, and American history, with a special focus on incarceration policy and the prison. He is interested in bottoms-up explorations of identity, politics, activism, and the state. His work focuses especially on U.S. social movements from World War II to the present.

While most of his work has been historical and archival, Dr. Berger also writes about contemporary politics and theory. He is passionate about publicly engaged scholarship, and has published op-eds and other writings in both scholarly journals and newspapers and magazines for general audiences. Dr. Berger is also passionate about teaching. He works with his students as mentor and collaborator, to help them learn to think critically and creatively about both course materials and society at large.